What We Do:

The Outreach Committee began in 1982 as the social services arm of the AWA. Members meet to review and discuss proposals from charitable organizations within New Delhi (shelters, schools, health clinics, etc.) that desire AWA assistance. After conducting a site visit and assessment of the organization, the committee strives to address the needs of the organization within the scope of AWA’s goals and guidelines. We also encourage individual AWA members to become directly involved with one or more of the organizations we assist.

How YOU Can Participate:

  • Attend our monthly Outreach meetings
  • Visit NGOs through AWA scheduled site visits to learn about their needs and what they have accomplished
  • Use the Outreach Committee’s connections and knowledge of NGOs to find a perfect fit for you! Make use of your interests and talents and volunteer at an NGO. We have an extensive list and are more than happy to help connect you with one.
  • Serve as a liaison between an NGO and AWA by sharing needs, helping plan site visits and serving as a connection between the two groups. We have liaison openings that need to be filled!

Monthly Meeting Information:

This committee meets one Thursday a month from 10 am to 12 noon. If you would like to attend, please consult the Events page on this website for the date and contact our Outreach Chairperson with your interest.

We meet in the AWA Office at Gate D of the US Embassy Compound. If you do not have an AWA or Embassy ID, you will need to be signed in by a member.

For more information on Outreach activities, please consult the Events at a Glance emails (members only) or our Facebook page.

Outreach Contact Information: